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M. Michele Designs About Fashion

About Fashion

Beautiful fashion shouldn't be "Exclusive". M.Michele Designs allows every woman, the privilege of high-fashion and timeless pieces.

Too often, quality fabrications, cut, and design, have had price tags to match. Being stylish shouldn't cost women a fortune.

A sense of style and an appreciation of all things elegant have no regional or social-economic exclusivity. All women can achieve their "inner-fashionista", if high fashion is created to be affordable.

Our closets should contain a wardrobe that is interchangeable and timeless. Who desires to make a purchase each and every time there's an event, special occasion or change of season? Clothing should accompany our lives, not the other way around.

Everyone has the ability to look and feel beautiful. Clothing can be transformational­. We women have mastered the art of nurturing others; often leaving ourselves yearning for our own little pleasures. Those innocent pleasures have often included, browsing and desiring the latest blouse, shoe, or dress. It should not create a financial debt in the process.

Lastly, but certainly not least of all: First impressions are lasting impressions. Fashion has the ability to speak volumes without the utter of a spoken word. We should wear the clothes. The clothes should never wear us.


  1. How do I appear taller? My trousers are meant to be LONG AND LEAN. To elongate a woman's body, and give the appearance of a longer, leaner figure.

  2. How can my back-side look smaller? I've created trousers, jackets, and blouses that elongate the torso, and allow for a beautiful silhouette. My trouser fabrication has an elasticized component.

    Elastic that literally pulls one's hips inward. Longer zippers, blouses that fall below the torso, and jackets that create "Balance" in the shoulder area.

  3. How can I look more fashionable, but for my simple lifestyle? Classic designs that are interchangeable. Trousers that can go from day wear with flat sandals to evening wear with high heels.

    Blouses that can be worn with denim, and then worn out of an evening with a cocktail skirt.

  4. How can I afford to "look" expensive? My line doesn’t LOOK AFFORDABLE; however, the price point is comparable to mid-level department stores.

  5. How do I appear thinner? I'll teach you that size doesn't matter. Fabrication, Color, Cut, and Style will be the answer to looking thinner. I'll take the larger women out the basement of department stores and out of the specialty stores for larger women, and now place them directly front and center of all that is fashionable. I'll contradict the notion the larger women can't wear color, can't show their arms, but are in fact, just as fashionable as any other woman.